Thanks for wanting to know about me. I am a resourceful, value-driven individual, with a core passion for making humanity breathe easier globally, one family at a time. You will get to know more about this core part of me when you get to book a session to speak with me.

As a King in the marketplace, I am a Healthcare Finance and Tech Professional, with over a decade experience, consulting for and building healthcare businesses, with stellar results.

I had my first degree (MBBS) as a medical doctor from the prestigious College of Medicine, University of Lagos, and my professional finance training at Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) UK, where I was trained as a Chartered Accountant and bagged some national and global awards.

I am the CEO of a fast-growing Healthcare Consulting Company here in Nigeria where I provide solutions for healthcare businesses, using technology and data science.

I am also a conference speaker. I speak on healthcare business challenges and solutions at corporate and public/governmental levels of engagement. I get featured in numerous corporate events in Nigeria, for mentorship, career building, and motivating young professionals to achieve more and hone their skills in the world of business and finance.

Aside being a King in the marketplace, I am also a Priest in the Household of Faith. I have over a decade experience in teaching Marriage and Kingdom Influence on earth as ordained by God in Scriptures, in line with my core message for this generation and the ones to come.

I founded The Adeyemi-Levites Family Systems Consulting, a company with a mission to heal all the nations of the earth, one family at a time, using the synergy of science and scriptures. My approach to building family systems can be traced to scriptural backings and scientific proofs.

I am happily married and blessed with many sons and daughters in Faith.Thank you for reading about me. Go get my books and book a session with me!