How can we be of help?

we work together to empower you in building a great family


Premarital Coaching Sessions

Detailed, non-traditional, strictly scriptural and scientific approaches to preparing young singles in courtship for an amazing time in Marriage. Seasoned with practical approaches to learning, using real life scenarios, discussions, unlimited access to Q&A sessions with the facilitator(s).

Marriage Coaching/Counselling Sessions

Adapting scientifically-backed counselling frameworks to resolve marital conflicts, building strong family systems and catalysing strong family cultures for marriages to thrive and enjoy the bliss this great union comes with.

Sexual Addiction Recovery Program


A practical, experiential approach to recovering from sexual addictions like pornography, masturbation, and other sexual vices, using scriptural and scientific approaches.


Mentorship For Young/Single and Married Men

A practical mentorship program for young/single and married men to harness their full potentials as men on earth, as ordained by God.


What will be learnt

  • The Golden Interview
  • Understanding your Individuality and Uniqueness
  • The Marriage Covenant- The Myths and The Fix
  • Managing Belief Systems
  • Acceptance in Marriage
  • Handling Expectations and Counter-expectations
  • The Concept of Being a Husband and Being a Wife
  • Roles, Responsibilities, and Decision Making Systems
  • Communication and Conflict Resolution
  • Career Compatibility and Plans Clarity
  • Family Finance
  • Dealing with Relevant Marriage Stakeholders
  • Intentional Family Building and Planning
  • Romance, Intimacy and Sex
  • Post-Wedding Period


What to expect

Identity demystified

Sexuality demystified

What God says about your sexuality

Dealing with childhood sexual traumas

Dealing with adulthood sexual traumas

Identifying your sexual addition triggers

Masturbation demystified

Pornography demystified

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy