I am Dr. Dami

Founder/Managing partner of The Adeyemi-Levites Family Systems Consulting, established with a mission to heal the nations of the earth, one family at a time.

Dr. Dami Adeyemi-Levites

Fast Selling

The Anatomy of Divorce

a book borne out of passion for redeeming marriages that are on the verge of having a divorce.


Marriage Coaching/
Counselling Sessions

Adapting scientifically-backed counselling frameworks to resolve marital conflicts.

"A nation is as healthy as the families that make it up. The capacity and strength of a nation is directly influenced by the capacity and strength of the character of men and women who make up each family dwelling in that nation. "
Dr. Dami Adeyemi-Levites

How we can work together

Premarital Coaching Sessions

Detailed, non-traditional, strictly scriptural approach to preparing young singles in courtship for an amazing time in Marriage. Seasoned with practical approaches to learning, using real life scenarios, discussions, unlimited access to Q&A sessions with the facilitator(s).

Marriage Coaching/Counselling Sessions

Adapting scientifically-backed counselling frameworks to resolve marital conflicts, building strong family systems and catalysing strong family cultures for marriages to thrive and enjoy the bliss this great union comes with.

Sexual Addiction Recovery Program

A practical, experiential approach to recovering from sexual addictions like pornography, masturbation, and other sexual vices.

Mentorship For Young/Single and Married Men

A practical mentorship program for young/single and married men to harness their full potentials as men on earth, as ordained by God.


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